German team join their partner team in Ghana to promote Global educational values

ENSA Team visit to Ghana – 07.10.-16.10.2018

7th – Day 1: Arrival of BBS1 Gifhorn

8th – Day 2: Orientation, a visit to the MCE at the assembly Education Director, Director Social welfare and walking around in swedru town.

9th – Day 3:  Experience kindergarten life, a visit to YLF office for a brief on the history of the school and YLF, a visit to the SHS premises. Activities at the school premises (bead marking, home economics practicals, hair dressing and dress marking)

10th – D ay4: A visit to partners’ schools. A visit to Kantanka workshop (Apostle Safo Suaye)

11th – Day 5: A visit to the chief palace and a shrine if possible, and workshop (carpentry, mechanic, Apeteshi distillers), (iron pot jewelries molders) Duakwa health facility, partner school and community visit, and cocoa plantation.

12th – Day 6: A visit to the New independent news peppers, a visit to the German embassy, A visit to the parliament house and getting to know cocoa production.

13th – Day 7: A visit to cape coast castle

14th – Day 8: Church OR Beach site

15th – Day 9: Talk on Radio/TV and integrated seminar outgoing

16th – Day 10: Departure to Germany

Most evenings events would be; “By the fire side” that is sharing real life / story telling so that participants can draw moral lessons from these stories and apply them in their lives and also identify the main project that we both can do to maintain a long-term school partnership.

On the 7th of October 2018 our Brothers and sisters arrived at the kotoka international airport from Germany , we meet them and surely it was very exciting , surprisingly it was as if we have met them throughout our lives this showed we were indeed a family from a different continent. On Monday which was 08/ 10/ 2018 at 8:00am, the whole program was to Begin

*we first had an orientation, introduced ourselves and let our German partners know the schedule for their stay, and also the program activity list, then we visited the Ghana Education office to introduced ourselves and also told them the purpose of the visited Germans , later we visited our partner schools, then finally we visited a mechanical shop to show our visited Germans how technical  workshops looks like.

*on the second day our German partners experienced school life with the St. Germain school students and teachers to know more about our teaching and learning skills, we also had cooking activities, beads making, sewing of clothes and hair dressing then we had a display of how some student are train to fight fire (fire fighters), we also visited the new site of st. Germain school, finally we played some local games among ourselves

*on the third day we visited Apostle Safo Kantaka  work place to show them that we have someone special in our country who also have the talent of making cars and also some electrical appliances, then finally to the beach side.

*on the fourth day we visited the chiefs palace to also introduced our self to them and also to learn how certain rites are performed and the reason why such rituals are performed, and also visited the cocoa plantation to learn about the process of planting cocoa and the process it goes through before it become chocolate and Milo as well, we also visited  Duakwa health facility (salvation army health centre) to show them how our health centers looks like and how treatments are done, then to Nkran  Ekura one the communities Mr. Gilbert Germain operates.

*on the fifth day ,we visited Accra FM to broadcast our partnership ,then to the German Embassy for our Visa ,then to the parliament house to walk around ,we played some games (twister)later in the evening.

*on the sixth day we visited the kakum national park and the cape coast castle to learn about the history of the slave trade that happened in Ghana some years back then to oasis beach resort, then to the club to have some fun later in the evening.

*the seventh day was used for a seminar on what we have done so far the good and the bad, the happy and the unhappy things from both sides, the Germans congratulated we the student for being their cooks and preparing them some of our delicious meal so they took us to dinner later in the evening around 5:00pm to congratulate us and we were also grateful.

*on the eighth day we went to the radio station to tell the whole people of swedru how wonderful and educative our partnership is, then we went to the beach

*on the final day that is on the 16th of October 2018 was their departure we decided roam a little in Accra to see the hard life there in Agbogbloshi inside to see how burning metals, electrical and electronic goods imported from Europe are been used, then moved on to another area called Osu also a place in Accra which was an air condition restaurant to have our last lunch in Ghana together, later took the Germans to the airport to cry… for their departure.


One thought on “German team join their partner team in Ghana to promote Global educational values

  1. Dear Gilbert, I am so happy to read your report. For me personally it came right in time… I am still trying to sort the events we experienced together. It’s hard to catch up with thousands of pictures that fill my head. It feels both surreal and wonderful that we have been so close despite the distance between our countries. I am looking forward to your visit here; and I am wondering if this visit will take you aback as much as it has astonished me.
    By the way, great idea you included the gallery of photos into your report, for our readers to see what a great time we had, how strong the relationship has already grown and still will.
    I feel blessed, grateful and proud to be part of our project.

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