Young and Lonely Foundation (YLF)

We are a community based non-governmental organization (NGO) assisting children of all races. Our mission is to administer to the physical, emotional and educational needs of deprived children and orphans in the rural communities of Ghana.

We do this by providing them with the necessary assistance and support they need in education and vocational training.   This way we  build a foundation of hope for the future within their communities.


Fair in Braunschweig   e.V.

The ‘Fair in Braunschweig’ association is committed to fair conduct in our city and region.  We want to  encourage mindfulness and respect for each other and for nature.
Our aim is to sell more than just organic  products produced in a fair manner. We want to have credible influence for the benefit of our fellow world. If you also have such goals, you are invited to participate.